Blueprint/Greenprint Planning

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San Joaquin Valley Greenprint

The San Joaquin Valley Greenprint will compile information describing the lands, waters and living resources of the San Joaquin Valley region and the trends affecting them, and that document their public benefits.  It will identify and document resource management challenges and opportunities.  It will assemble the perspectives of the residents of the region into a shared vision, and identify a series of strategies for the conservation and management of the region’s resources.  These strategies will be developed with extensive public input, will be based on sound science and economics and, if the effort is successful, will enjoy broad public support throughout the region.  The resulting “greenprint” can then reinforce local efforts and serve as a guide to local, state, federal and private sector decision-makers as they make choices about the future of the Valley’s resources.  Because of its Valleywide focus, it may be able to achieve results for the Valley economy and quality of life not otherwise achievable by individual jurisdictions and organizations.  However, the Greenprint will not establish public policy or override local land use decision making, and will respect private property rights.

Green Print Phase 2

Phase II will build on and extend the work in Phase I, by demonstrating the real world utility of the information developed in Phase I and publishing a guide for resource management, including strategies and tools, that governments, businesses and communities can self-select. Phase II will be carried out under the guidance of the Fresno COG project manager and a Steering Committee consisting of staff from the eight San Joaquin Valley Regional Planning Agencies and other interested and necessary stakeholders. All reports and plans produced during the study will be reviewed by and discussed with the Steering Committee. A maximum of 18 months is allotted for completion of this study from the date of the Notice to Proceed.


San Joaquin Valley Blueprint

Rising to meet the San Joaquin Valley’s most pressing issues, the eight Regional Transportation Planning Agencies representing the eight counties within the San Joaquin Valley came together in 2005 to initiate the San Joaquin Valley Regional Blueprint planning process.

The San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Planning Process is a unique opportunity to work together to convey a regional vision of land use and transportation that will be used to guide growth in the San Joaquin Valley over the next 50 years.

Through its public outreach and education component and technical data for local decision makers, the Blueprint provides a tangible opportunity to ensure the San Joaquin Valley remains a desirable place to live.

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