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2018 RTP/SCS


The Madera County Transportation Commission prepares a countywide Regional Transportation Plan every four years that sets forth Policy over the next 20 years.


A variety of important plans, reports, maps, press releases, and other documents are generated by the Madera County Transportation Commission on a regular basis. Find and download what you are looking for.


Current Agenda
Measure T

Chowchilla Corridor Plan Public Survey

The Madera County Transportation Commission (MCTC) and the City of Chowchilla received SB-1 Grant funding to incorporate multimodal and safety improvements, and perform a truck study, along the SR 233 corridor through the City of Chowchilla and surrounding areas. The SB-1 Sustainable Communities Planning Grant program assists agencies with local and regional multimodal transportation improvements with the hopes of encouraging […]

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Senior Living’s Comprehensive Guide on Transportation for Seniors

Check out this resource guide discussing general information on transportation for seniors.

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Measure T Citizens’ Oversight Committee vacancy for At-Large Member

The 7 member Citizens’ Oversight Committee was appointed by the Madera County Transportation Authority Board to review expenditures and payments through Measure T. The committee currently has one vacancy for a Member At Large residing in Madera County. We are now accepting applications to fill this position. Citizens’ Oversight Committee Application

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