Unmet Transit Needs

Unmet Transit Needs
As the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) for Madera County, MCTC is responsible for the administration of the Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds. TDA funds, which are funded through ¼ percent of the statewide sales tax, are the primary funding source for most transit systems. The administration of TDA funds includes the annual unmet transit needs process, which has three key components: soliciting testimony on unmet transit needs; analyzing needs in accordance to adopted definitions of unmet transit need and reasonable to meet; and adoption of a finding regarding unmet transit needs that may exist for the upcoming fiscal year. These tasks are to be performed in consultation with the Social Service Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC).

What is an Unmet Transit Need?
The Madera County Transportation Commission has determined that its definition of the term “unmet transit needs” includes all essential trip requests by transit-dependent persons for which there is no other convenient means of transportation, and the Commission has determined that its definition of the term “reasonable to meet” shall apply to all related public or specialized transportation services that:

1. are feasible;
2. have community acceptance;
3. serve a significant number of the population;
4. are economical; and
5. can demonstrate cost effectiveness

by having a ratio of fare revenues to operating cost at least equal to 10 percent, and the Commission has determined that its definition of the term “reasonable to meet” shall also apply to all service requests which do not abuse or obscure the intent of such transportation services once they are established.

Do you have an unmet transit need in your area?
MCTC would like to know. Please fill out the form below:

You may send this form to us via the following methods:

Mail: Madera County Transportation Commission
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Fax: (559) 675-9328
Email: evelyn@maderactc.org

You may also take the online survey. Please navigate to the following link:

Additional information:

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