The Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) serves as a citizen advisory committee to the Commission on matters related to public participation needs of Madera County residents. The SSTAC generally has two to three meetings each year. The first meeting is held in March prior to the “unmet transit needs” hearing. This initial meeting is used to familiarize the members with their role as advisers to the Commission and to select Council officers. The second meeting is scheduled to follow the “unmet transit needs” hearing to provide the Council with an opportunity to consider commentary presented at the hearing. The Council works with staff to develop recommendations for the Commission towards finding that public transportation needs that are reasonable to be met are being met.


Members of the SSTAC shall be appointed by the transportation planning agency which shall recruit candidates for appointment from a broad representation of social service and transit providers representing the elderly, the handicapped, and persons of limited means. In appointing council members, the transportation planning agency shall strive to attain geographic and minority representation among council members.

If you are interested in being appointed to the SSTAC, please submit an application to or Madera County Transportation Commission, 2001 Howard Road, Suite 201, Madera California 93637

SSTAC Application


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