Chowchilla Corridor Plan Public Survey

Chowchilla Corridor Plan Public Survey

The Madera County Transportation Commission (MCTC) and the City of Chowchilla received SB-1 Grant funding to incorporate multimodal and safety improvements, and perform a truck study, along the SR 233 corridor through the City of Chowchilla and surrounding areas. The SB-1 Sustainable Communities Planning Grant program assists agencies with local and regional multimodal transportation improvements with the hopes of encouraging the use of alternative transportation methods like walking, biking, public transit, rideshare, etc.

MCTC has hired TJKM Transportation Consultants to develop a Multimodal Corridor Plan for the SR 233 corridor.

Your input is valuable to the project team and will be taken into consideration when developing improvements. The team would like to hear about areas of concerns along the SR 233 corridor, relating to the project. Below is a link to the survey to provide your input.

Chowchilla Corridor Plan Survey

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